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that's my bag, baby {8/9/14}

Kelley Clink

This week's prompt is In My Bag. The idea is to unpack your purse/laptop case/briefcase/whatever on a flat surface and lay out the contents. Added bonus: it forces you to clean out two pounds worth of receipts and used tissues.

From the left, clockwise:

-a light cardigan. Always.
-my business cards. Not that I ever give them to anyone.
-four kinds of lip balm??
-two pens: one black ink, one blue
-a travel size notebook in case inspiration (or a grocery list) strikes
-what my husband calls my "old lady" wallet
-my actual bag (by Mosey)
-sunglasses. Scratched, because I never put them in that pouch
-my "old lady" pill case
-an Olloclip
-funky glasses case, minus glasses
-a pendant made from my dog's ashes, because I feel better when she is with me
-two fertility totems
-a book. Always. Right now it is The Opposite of Loneliness. And damn y'all, it's good.

*not pictured: the aforementioned two pounds of receipts and used tissues, 8 barrettes, 3 bobby pins, 2 headbands, 3 sets of keys, and my phone.

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