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april love {4/1/15}

Kelley Clink

I'm sitting outside in the sunshine--without a coat--and I'm finding it impossible to concentrate. The trees are budding. The crocuses have bloomed. The birds are chirping their tiny, feathered heads off. I look up. A sparrow is building a nest in my gutter. SPRING-SPRING! she peeps, at the top of her pipes. 


To celebrate the thaw, I'm joining Susannah Conway's April Love. There are daily photo prompts and daily emails. The emails are focused on self love and self care; topics I consider particularly important, especially from a mental health standpoint. Far too many of us show far too little compassion for ourselves. When you are depressed or anxious, it's easy to slide into self loathing. Hell, even those who don't have mood disorders struggle with this. 

I've been trying to be mindful of my attitude toward myself over the past couple of months. Motherhood can really screw with your confidence. I've beat myself up over my son's inability to take long naps. I've chastised myself for my inability to get more done. I've excoriated the work I have produced, giving it, and me, about as much love as a dead mackerel. 

This does no one any good. Time to ease up.

My goal for this month is to practice imperfection. To give myself big, metaphorical bear hugs. To take naps. To slow down. Listen. And breathe. 

Hope you show yourself some love this month, too.

Today's prompt: My Morning View

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