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adorn {8/23/14}

Kelley Clink

I've always wanted to wear lots of fun, funky jewelry and bright, interesting makeup. I see other women doing it and they look fantastic. The problem is whenever I try it, I don't look like "me." I don't feel like me. I feel the most like myself with clean skin, comfy clothes, and no more jewelry than my wedding band. (Fun fact: the band in the picture below is actually my second one. You can read the back story here, on my old blog).

I do, however, love tattoos. Had my husband not gently suggested I wait two years between each one, I'd probably be covered in them. I think his approach is a good one, though. It forces me to really think about what I want to put on my skin and why. The more thought and meaning that goes into each, the better. The next one I'm planning is going to be pretty big (in size and significance), and it will probably be more like three to five years before it happens. Maybe in the meantime I'll try some dangly earrings.

It is REALLY freaking hard to photograph your own back tattoo.

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