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damn those puritans {8/13/14}

Kelley Clink

Though today's prompt is Guilty Pleasure, today's guest prompter, Hannah Marcotti, says "I don't do guilt. Or at least that is my mantra. So many things that I first pull into my pleasure window are filled with guilt and old stories. The moment guilt creeps in I repeat slowly and with a coy smile, 'I don't do guilt.'"  

I love that. When I first saw the prompt for the day I got a little defensive. As someone with a severely restricted diet, who doesn't smoke, drink, or do (recreational) drugs, as someone whose health demands that I get at least a moderate amount of exercise regularly, why the hell should I feel guilty about the short list of things I can indulge in? Of course I still do, a little. But for today I'm going to let go of the guilt and give you a list of my pleasures:

--online shopping
--reading mystery/detective novels
--cable television  
--fresh cut flowers
--air conditioning
--nail polish
--Italian ice
--absurdly long showers
--and last, but not least, shooting instant film. Why would I feel guilty about that, you ask? Because it's expensive, and I'm not very good at it.

another picture of my feet?? I must be running out of ideas. I will try to make this the last one, I promise.

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